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Mayara Mia Hernandes e Bragança
01 May 2020 @ 01:52 pm
M O S T L Y F R I E N D S  O N L Y,

COMMENT TO BE ADDED; you can add me first if you want to,
but I'm only adding journals with entries.

Graphics & Tutorials: open for 1 week and then I change to "friends only"
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Mayara Mia Hernandes e Bragança
06 November 2010 @ 11:41 pm
[ 16 ] - Sonny With a Chance; Demi Lovato
[ 08 ] - Taylor Swift
[ 16 ] - Vampire Diaries

only love can break your heartCollapse )

credit if use
do not edit
comments makes me really happy
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Mayara Mia Hernandes e Bragança
28 October 2010 @ 08:14 pm
funny how last week I was happy about you and me, and now there's no you and me.

I still remember the look on your face,
Lit through the darkness of 158.
The words that you whispered were just us to know.
You told me you loved me,
So why did you go?


never imagined we'd end like this Collapse )


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